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Security and Comfort on One Finger, MyRingGuardTM can keep you Safe!

The MyRingGuard™ ring is designed with comfort in mind. It is made of medical grade silicone, which is soft on the skin and stretchable, so that it will never rub or pinch. The ring has also been designed to control ring movement / rotation preventing erroneous pressing of the trigger button.

Every MyRingGuard™ comes with three interchangeable silicone finger straps (Small, Medium, Large) that all connect to the same ring top. You choose the size that fits best. The stretchy medical grade silicone is comfortable, weather resistance, and a perfect fit.

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MyRingGuard™ product details:

  • MyRingGuard™ is an inexpensive ring that works in conjunction with your Smartphone* to send an urgent call for help.
  • A push of a button on the ring triggers text messages to be sent to four pre-programmed emergency contacts.
  • The text message includes a Google Map link to your location along with your medical history.
  • The text message provides the necessary information for your emergency contacts to call 911 to your aid.
  • Text messages continue to be sent with your updated location every minute.

MyRingGuard™ Application Details:

  • MyRingGuard™ ring works in conjunction with the MyRingGuard smartphone application.
    • Currently available as a free to download application in the AndroidTM Play marketplace.
    • iPhone currently in development
  • MyRingGuard™ application has no monthly subscription or fees (in addition to your standard text message rates) to send urgent text messages to your pre-programmed contacts

MyRingGuard™ comes with:

  • (1) Ring Top
  • (3) Interchangeable, stretchable, silicone ring straps (Sm, Med, Lg)
  • (2) Watch pins – to attach ring straps to ring top
  • (1) Micro USB to USB cord for charging your ring

MyRingGuard™ design:

  • The MyRingGuard™ patent pending ring straps come with an accordion divot to allow for additional stretch while providing for comfort by comfortably fitting around the second finger to aid in preventing unnecessary movement.
  • The MyRingGuard Top has a side button that should be facing your thumb at all times to allow for an easy press with your thumb.
  • The three ring straps connect to the ring top with two pins that are easy to connect as well as remove with just a push with a pin or pen.

How To Wear MyRingGuard™:

  • Your ring should always be worn with the side button facing your thumb.
  • Your ring can be worn on the finger that is most comfortable, but the button must be reachable by your thumb.
  • Depending on your preference and your needs you can wear the ring with the ring top facing up and the button facing your thumb, or you can wear the strap facing up and the ring top nestled into your palm with the button facing your thumb and easily accessible.
    • We find that if you like your ring to face up that it is often easiest to wear on your index/pointer finger.
    • We find that if you like your ring facing your palm that it is often found to be easiest to wear on your middle or ring finger.