About Us

MyRingGuard™ was created by an active city girl who too often alone on quiet, sometimes dark city streets walking the dog, running, returning from a night out, or visiting with friends. Sick of worrying about how she would react, or call for help in case of an emergency, she decided to come up with a solution that would allow her to call for help without having to look for or fumble with a phone.

After several years, and conceptual iterations, she created an affordable one-touch / one-hand trigger in the form of a ring that works in conjunction with an Android phone. The MyRingGuard™ design is based on the notion that in the worst case scenario - an attack - the wearer could be restrained by her wrists, and a ring would enable her to summons help by pressing her thumb to the button on the ring.

A woman should always be aware of her surroundings, but she should also know that in the worst case scenario she can call for help.