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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When will MRG be available for the iPhone?

2. Do I need cell service for the ring to work?

3. Do standard text messaging rates apply?

4. Do I need to have my phone with me to use MyRingGuard?

5. How far away from the ring can my phone be?

6. Can I keep my phone in my purse?

7. How do I know the emergency text message sent?

8. What if I accidentally press the ring?

9. Is there a monthly service charge to use the ring?

10. Can I use 911 as one of my emergency contacts?

11. Who should I use as my contacts?

12. Does the ring continue to transmit my location if my location changes?

13. What location does the application communicate?

14. Will MyRingGuard work outside of the United States?

15. Is MyRingGuard water proof?

16. What ring size does MyRingGuard fit?

17. Do I need a data plan to use MyRingGuard?

18. Can MyRingGuard work with multiple phones?

19. What AndroidTM phones is MyRingGuard compatible with?